Founded by twin sisters Michelle Shaffer and Tammy Fleming, TwinMedix is a woman-owned skincare brand created with a desire to combine old world traditions with more modern technologies to creating the most effective, professional, pharmaceutical grade skincare formulas for the daily care, nourishment, and protection of skin for all genders. The twins bring a combined background in healthcare and beauty, in addition to Michelle distributing Embryolisse for 15 years, making them a dream to tackle skin issues and bring the best products to consumers. Having worked with cutting-edge labs, top makeup artists, and beauty industry professionals over the past decades, the seasoned TwinMedix team has developed a unique skincare system that addresses daily modern skincare needs in the form of anti-aging, anti-pollution, and skin rejuvenation products. Gentle enough for the young and effective enough for mature clientele to be used at home on a daily basis, TwinMedix products are genderless, 100 percent vegan, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.




TwinMedix, a modern, women-owned skincare brand founded by twin sisters has launched their new genderless skincare collection PRO:REFINE, comprised of must-have makeup and grooming bag skincare essentials for all skin types. Formulated with the help of top celebrity makeup artists in the industry, the PRO:REFINE collection has been put to the test on all skin types and skin tones at some of the toughest locations, from backstage at fashion week, to behind the scenes at top Broadway shows, to Blockbuster movie sets.


“My sister Tammy and I are twins, but we have radically different skincare needs,” says Michelle Shaffer, President of TwinMedix. “After 15 years of distributing product for a cult-favorite French brand with a formula over 70 years old, I understood the need for products that mix old world traditions paired with more modern technologies. Our cornerstone products are clean, multitasking, genderless, and made for all skin types.”


After their father suffered a serious illness, stress affected sisters Michelle Shaffer and Tammy Fleming’s skin in dramatic but different ways. They teamed up and used their backgrounds in healthcare and beauty to create a company that uses the purest, most-effective, and nourishing ingredients in products every woman and man need as daily essentials to tackle a wide range of skin issues. With the help of celebrity makeup artists like James Vincent, Danessa Myricks, Ve Neill and Kevin James Bennet, the PRO:REFINE line has been formulated and tested to perfection, making a top-grade, high performing skincare line available not only backstage at fashion week, but for everyone’s makeup bags and morning beauty routines.




Pharmaceutical-grade, pure concentration vitamins A, C & E with anti-oxidants. Beneath the colorful, oxygen-free pump containers are powerful skin savers. One of the things so great about this line is that each product is made for a specific skin type or need. 

TwinMedix Pro Essentials C10 is scientifically formulated with 10% ascorbic acid (pure Vitamin C) to help brighten skin.
Pro Essentials E5 is scientifically formulated with 5% Tocopherol (pure Vitamin E) to help protect skin and defend against environmental aggressors.

Pro Essentials A15 is scientifically formulated with 0.15% Retinol (pure Vitamin A) to soften the look of deep wrinkles, while Pro Essentials X; 02 is a “smart exfoliator gel” to transform skin with energizing oxygenation to remove dirt, oil, and makeup.

An exfoliator with “oomph” is the Pro Essentials X resurface that uses soothing aloe vera, 13 organic botanical extracts to exfoliate dead skin cells resurfacing skin with Dead Sea Salt. (You use this on dry skin, massage it in, rinse it off). Follow with moisturizer and SPF.




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